Why should we talk about intimate life?

Why should we talk about intimate life?

To be honest, it is just the myths and misunderstandings that make life hard and sometimes unbearable. As a urologist specializing in andrology (literally meaning men`s health) before even starting on medical issues I need to clear out that sexual act is a normal body function just like eating and breathing, and all the problems you face are actually medical problems.

You do not need to have just pain, discomfort or fever to go to a doctor. Sexual dysfunction is a very important medical condition that effects your quality of life as a whole but also it might be an ominous sign of a very significant heart, nervous system or vascular problem. By going to a specialist and talking about your problems may give you much more than you have hoped for.

There are some major points I would love to emphasize on this blog if you issues in your intimate life or even if you just want to know somethings about sexuality but afraid or ashamed to ask.


What is normal and not normal for intimate life?

After the start of puberty, sexual activity is as normal a life activity as eating sleeping or breathing.  Since it involves a physical change of an organ, loss of the rigidity is considered as loss of the functions as a whole. Wrong…. Sexual intimacy involves may aspects erection is only one of them. As of 21st Century the science of Andrology claims that “ANYONE WHO WISHES TO CONTINUE HIS SEXUAL ACTIVITY, WE HAVE A 100% SOLUTION”. All you have to do is go to a doctor who is specialized in Andrology.

The prevelance ( how common is this in the community) of erectile dysfunction in men between the ages of 40-70 has been thoroughly investigated globally with statistically insignificant differences between races or countries. Out of every 3 men,2 have  sexual problems.  Basically this means that if you are having problems YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Irrespective of age anyone having a problem in bed should seek help. Even though the statistics show a high problem rate, those seeking medical  assistance is far lower than expected. WHY ? Shame, community pressure, myths about aging, family upbringing, misinformation but above all not knowing that this is a medical condition and can be treated. NOR SEEKING MEDICAL ASSISTANCE IS NOT NORMAL.

Can I take oral pills?

YES,BUT… Oral drugs for erection problems have changed the way people live their daily lives. Before late 1990’s the approach to erectile dysfunction was limited and not well understood. These pills actually revolutionized the way both we doctors and patients with problems or even those who actually do not have problems but improve their love life, look at sexual performance and treatment. Pills usually work most of the time but not always. You can or maybe already tried one or the other pill but having a satisfactory solution, avoiding complications ( that may even be lethal) and having not just a momentary solution but also a treatment effect requires CORRECT DRUG OF CHOICE, CORRECT WAY OF USING AT A CORRECT DOSAGE. To achieve these goals  please consult a doctor.  There are interaction of drugs that means if you are already taking a medication for heart disease, hypertension, etc., your oral pills should be carefully determined and administered and you should be told what to do in case of a complication or a side effect.

What causes this problem?

Mechanism of erection involves many interactions. It starts with an electrical signal from your brain. It is called stimulation. This triggers the whole mechanism. This signal strength is dependent on the level of arousal, your mood and mostly on the hormones ( testosterone- the male hormone mainly). The signal is passed on to the pelvic area through the nerves in your backbone. There might be problems like disc hernias  that decrease or even stop the signal to reach its target. Once at the pelvic part of the back bone the signal is then transferred to nerves that supply directly the end organs. Pelvic surgeries such as prostate cancer surgery or rectum cancer surgery these nerves may be severed or damaged, making the signal relay impossible. Once the signal gets to its target the arteries enlarge and start filling up the tissues inside the penis ( medically they are called cavernosal tissues- they are sponge like tissues that is filled by blood inflow and expand as they fill). This part I personally refer to as a auto tire. Once you start pumping air into the tire it starts to fill enlarge and gets hard. In the erection procedure it’s the tissues that are filled to enlarge and get hard. Just like the car tire, there is also a check-valve mechanism which holds the blood inside the penis not too flow back to the body causing the erection to last all through the sexual act.

ANY PROBLEM FROM THE START OF SIGNALING ACTIVATION TO THE END WHERE THE CHECK-VALVE MECHANISM BLOCKS OUTFLOW CAUSES MEN TO HAVE PROBLEMS TO HAVE OR TO KEEP THEIR ERECTIONS.  We, as a part of our work-up, need to differentiate the underlying causes and personalize the treatment protocol accordingly.

What kind of a set-up you should expect from an Andrology Clinic?

DISCRETION AND PROFESSIONALISM IS THE MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OF AN ANDROLOGY CLINIC. All your information is securely kept and only your doctor can access these informations. All the tests should be done in a private setting and the personalized treatment should be assigned to you. You should be able to reach to your doctor and talk openly bearing in mind that nothing gets out. Patient-doctor confidentiality is what we are proud of. Once the diagnosis is made you will be given options depending on the severity, causality and the necessity using all the state-of-the-art choices.

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