What is Chin Reduction?

Chin reduction surgery is the antithesis of chin augmentation. It is harder to get a good result and the risk of complications is higher. Most of the time, a prominent chin is not just a bone problem but is also too much muscle and skin as well. Failure to treatment all tissues can result in chin dimpling and sagging afterward. Most chin reductions are done from a submental or under the chin skin approach. This allows for bone burring as well as muscle and skin removal and tightening. This would also be a good time to treat a chin dimple or cleft if it is present.


There are many aesthetic and psychological benefits of successful chin removal Dubai. These include;

  • The treatment is non-invasive
  • The reduced-fat volume below the jawline and chin
  • Enhanced facial profile
  • Quick treatment sessions
  • Improved facial contours
  • Minimal downtime
  • Long lasting results

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ateesh Borole

Plastic Surgery


Wonderful Experience
People think I lost weight. Everyone tells me I look great. I have a chin again. The staff was wonderful. It is a great place to have procedures done
Abdullah Marqoozi Baith
Highly satisfied and recommended
Minutes highly satisfied, because everything I also shown and explained, happened. My neck and chin are Amazing. I have so much less fat and my chin is definitely more feminine. I still have two more procedures to do…eyes and nose. We love Dr. Hamid Karimi and his remarkable team. When I look in the mirror, I can see a firm neck and jaw line. I feel so much prettier and slimmer. – Oman Monterey
Oman Monterey
Professional, comfortable and pain free procedure.
Dr. Hamid Karimi and the staff were very supportive and professional. Reduced all excess skin from under the jaw. Previously did a ‘Lipo’ procedure that was only partially successful. A chin reduction procedure then provided an excellent result. – Kathleen Warldof


How many sessions are required?
Is the chin reduction treatment painful?
Are there any side-effects?
What about downtime and recovery?
Do I need to follow any precautions?
When I will be able to see results?

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