Kybella® Treatment

What is Kybella Treatment?

Kybella® treatment is a non-surgical, injectable treatment for reducing the fat that creates what is known as a “double chin”. The active ingredient is a synthetic version of a naturally-occurring molecule called deoxycholic acid — a molecule that breaks down fat — most specifically the type of fat contained within sub mental fullness — the fat that produces a double chin.

Facts you may know

Time Requried

20 Min


General Anesthesia

Recovery Time

1 Day

Success Rate

Very High Success Rate


If you are thinking of undergoing a chin reduction treatment, it is a good idea to understand the benefits of Kybella injectable filler over other treatments.

  • It is a minimally invasive procedure.
  • It is a painless non-surgical procedure, although it may require multiple treatment sessions to achieve the desired outcomes whereas surgical liposuction is done in a single session.
  • The treatment is carried out without any anesthesia.
  • It does not involve risk of scars as other traditional surgical procedures.
  • No downtime required.
  • It does not require a long and difficult recovery period.
  • No risk of infections is associated as they are with liposuction.

Before & After

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ateesh Borole

Plastic Surgery


My Kybella Experience
I’m used to getting aesthetic treatments, but I’m not willing to go under the knife. So KYBELLA® was the right choice for me.
Experience with Kybella Injection for Submental Fat
Nearly a month ago I decided to have a Kybella treatment for my chin fat. I had never been happy with the appearance of my neck area under my chin. In photos, it often looked look like I had a double chin and it bothered me.
C Flores
Neck - Kybella by Dr. Hamid Karimi
I went to Dr. Hamid because I had a double chin and he suggested Kybella. He was super sweet and the staff was incredible. I never would imagine myself getting any work done, but father time caught up with me. Dr. Hamid and his staff made sure I was very comfortable and assured me that the procedure I chose was the right one for me. I am extremely happy and will be going back to Dr. Hamid for more treatments in the near future.


How long is a Kybella treatment?
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How long will results last?
Are there any risks of Kybella?
How many sessions will I need?

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