Fractional Laser with PRP

Fractional Laser with PRP

Fractional laser is one of the most effective and latest trends in skin resurfacing treatments. Fractional laser CO2 has the capability of resolving numerous skin concerns bringing out the new, smooth layer of skin.

Fractional laser, when combined with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), has a higher impact on correcting common skin issues including, acne and surgical scars, pores, sagging skin, and some other skin concerns.

If you are seeking one treatment that offers the best results in minimum time with nominal downtime, Fractional Laser and PRP Therapy at American Aesthetic Medical Center is the answer.


Time Requried

Few Mins






Very High Success Rate


Our registered nurse will draw a small amount of blood from your arm, similar to when you are having medical lab tests completed. While you’re having your laser treatment, your blood is placed in a centrifuge to separate the working platelets, creating platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

The fractional laser passes over your skin, and the beams create microscopic wounds into the dermis level of your skin. As a natural result of these tiny wounds that have been created, the body works with the surrounding healthy tissue to regenerate the areas that have been damaged encouraging new, fresh skin cells to grow.

While these microscopic channels or ‘holes’ from the laser are still fresh, the platelet-rich plasma is applied topically – it’s painted on your skin. The PRP is colorless; it does not appear red or bloody like some of the magazine photos of the Vampire Facelift.

The natural healing platelets contained in the PRP enter the channels created from the laser, effectively allowing for deeper delivery of the PRP.


  1. Use cold compresses to alleviate any post-procedural discomfort, redness slight swelling (which is quite rare)
  2. Strictly avoid exposing treated areas to sunlight, both direct and indirect
  3. Wear a good quality, prescribed sunscreen during day time, even when indoors
  4. Scabs may form in the treated areas. Avoid picking or scratching scab
  5. Keep treated areas sufficiently and adequately hydrated

Post Treatment Care

  1. Utilize chilly packs to ease any post-procedural uneasiness, redness slight swelling (which is very uncommon)
  2. Entirely abstain from presenting treated territories to daylight
  3. Wear a decent quality, recommended sunscreen during daytime
  4. Scabs may frame in the treated zones. Abstain from picking or scratching a scab
  5. Stay hydrated


  1. The combination enhances the natural production of collagen and elastin
  2. Introduction of PRP dramatically reduces the downtime
  3. It improves volume and texture of the skin
  4. The growth factors in PRP enhances the new skin growth
  5. Produces the natural outcomes

Before & After


Very informative, knowledgeable and super friendly. Skin texture and overall appearance is a vast improvement
Sharon Rameez
Love the results from my Fractional laser with PRP treatment. My acne scars are less visible and the redness has improved. My skins texture has improved tremendously.
Sophia Rafi
My first fractional Laser experience at some other clinic was painful and I had a long recovery. I was hesitant to go for the next treatment, but the American Aesthetic Medical Center team made me feel comfortable and relaxed. My last 2 visits have been really comfortable.
Sanaz Faroodi


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