What is Facelift?

A facelift is one of the most popular facial cosmetic surgery procedures. The main purpose of a facelift is to improve visible signs of an aging face and neck. Our team of surgeons can help patients regain their more youthful features in a safe and respectful environment.

Facts you may know

Time Requried

2-6 hours


Local Anesthesiane

Recovery Time

3-4 Weeks

Success Rate

Very High Success Rate


  • Tighten and Redefine Your Neck
  • Lose those Jowls For Good!
  • Tighten Up Sagging Skin.
  • Get Rid of Deep Creases.
  • Looking Amazing without Looking Operated On.

Before & After

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ateesh Borole

Plastic Surgery


How do I known if I’m a good candidate for a Facelift?
What type of anesthesia will I receive for my Facelift?
How are Facelifts performed?
How long is the surgery for a Facelift?
Will I have scars after my Facelift?
How much pain can I expect after my Facelift?
What should I expect of the recovery after my Facelift?
How much time should I plan to take off from work after my Facelift?
How soon after my Facelift can I exercise?

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