Why do Hair Transplant Fail?

Why Do Hair Transplants Fail? | What Are The Possibilities?

In the modern era, the best hair transplant surgeons confidently expect their procedures to be nearly 100 percent successful

This treatment method is now very advanced and considered safe and healthy to enjoy completely effective and long-lasting results.

However, quick research on the internet will disclose that not all hair transplants are considered to be fruitful. So, we need to know why some hair transplants fail. What can go wrong during surgery? And, if you’re thinking of choosing this aesthetic procedure, how can you ensure that your results will provide the best aesthetic appearance you’re hoping for?

Why Hair Transplants Fail?

In the top aesthetic clinics, a hair transplant surgery could be classified as a failure if the patient is not satisfied with the results. In simple words, a hair transplant is marked as a failure if a significant portion of the transplanted hair follicles fails to regrow in the new site.

Although there are several specific reasons that hair transplants aren’t successful.

Here we will illustrate two main reasons for hair transplant failure:

  • The transplant wasn’t done well (clinical failure)
  • Patient didn’t follow the aftercare instructions.

In some cases, failure may be the result of a combination of these two aspects.

The Grafts Are Not Handled Properly.

One of the most important parts of your hair transplant is having enough healthy and rich grafts to transplant from one area of the head to another area of the head. At the American Esthetic, we take extreme care when looking after your grafts, as we know your hair is a valuable resource and you are paying a huge amount for this treatment. We use the best and most classy equipment available to minimize any risks and to ensure we get the maximum result of each transplanted and harvested graft.

We have advanced hair transplant strategies because we know that improper handling of grafts is one of the most common causes of transplant failure, as grafts can die from shock or trauma.

Wrongly Placed Grafts Can Cause Hair Transplant Failure

It is vital to place the hair grafts correctly and this requires a special skill that takes a long time to acquire. We have highly skilled surgeons for all of our hair transplant procedures. We handle all grafts delicately and ensure they are placed to mimic natural hair growth.  Poor hairline design is also indicated as the failure of hair transplant.

Use of Dead Hair Follicles or Poor Donor

Some clinics have unskilled or inexperienced surgeons

When selecting donor hair grafts from one area of the head, they do not make sure whether these grafts will be suitable or not.

So, the use of the wrong donor grafts will affect your treatment as it will not look like an original one. There is a risk of the hair being rejected and falling out, causing the most noticeable hair transplant failure.

You’re NOT a suitable Candidate for Hair Transplant.

A hair transplant is a serious and time-consuming surgery that can transform someone with thinning or balding hair, however, not everyone is considered perfect for a hair transplant.

Going through a hair transplant if you’re not a suitable candidate can lead to your hair transplant failing or other scalp issues in the future. During consultations, we look into future hair loss to ensure your hair transplant will continue to look natural in years to come. If you get a transplant at a clinic who do not look into your current hair loss situation and assess future hair loss you could end up with another hair transplant.

If Fail, Do You Need Repeat Hair Transplant Sessions?

Whether or not a patient will require repeat hair transplant sessions has everything to do with the personal circumstances associated with their hair loss as well as their own hair restoration goals.

However, there are quite rare cases where a patient will require a repeat hair transplant session due to a previously failed hair transplant. This decision is taken together by the doctor and the patient.

In most cases, a person needs a repeat hair transplant session to achieve a great deal of hair density within the recipient site or for seeking extensive coverage for a fairly sizable area of the scalp suffering from thinning hair or baldness.

Irrespective of the goal, the need for repeat transplant sessions should be addressed in great detail during the initial consultation process.

Can a Failed Hair Transplant Be Corrected?

Fortunately, a failed hair transplant can be corrected regardless of the factors behind its failure. An individual who experienced a hair transplant procedure many years ago and is unhappy with the unnatural appearance of the result certainly has a wealth of options at their disposal.

Corrective hair transplants can be performed in much the same way that the current process is performed, with many doctors able to cover up the appearance of fake-looking grafts by performing a hair transplant to hide the old and out-of-place grafts.

We also have other options available for a corrective hair transplant, as it is possible to remove the fake-looking grafts to rearrange them so they appear as fair hairlines within the recipient site.

Furthermore, a person who wishes to hide their hair transplant scars can do so with a non-surgical procedure called Scalp Micropigmentation which is gaining popularity.

Getting a hair transplant is a big decision. So picking the right hair transplant clinic will help you reduce the risk of a failing hair transplant. It is vital to pick the right procedure, such as FUE as it has the best hair transplant success rate right now.

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