Laser Stretch Marks Removal


Stretch marks are incredibly common, resulting from increased skin stretching in a short time be it through a growth spurt, weight gain or pregnancy. They can appear on many areas of the body however they are often most noticeable around the stomach, upper thighs, upper arms and chest.

We understand how stretch marks can impact one’s body confidence, especially as the weather gets warmer and long sleeved tops and trousers become less comfortable. We are proud to offer a solution to our clients that provides visible results, is completely safe and cost effective. We have various treatments for stretch mark removal such as Derma Pen.



30 Mins


Local Anesthesia


Few Days


Very High Success Rate


It’s also important for men and women to understand what they’ll experience during the laser stretch mark removal process. Each session will take between fifteen minutes and an hour, depending upon the extent of the skin damage.

Each pulse of the laser is said to feel like you’re being “popped” with a rubber band; a stinging, burning feeling. Clinically proven stretch mark removal creams do not hurt when applied to the skin, and can be used in the comfort of your own home.

Depending on the age and severity of the condition lasers can get rid of stretch marks on breasts, stretch marks on buttocks, and stretch marks on thighs, and marks that have popped up elsewhere on the skin.


  1. It is Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive
    One of the biggest reasons for this treatment’s popularity is that it does not negatively impact your daily life. There is no anesthesia required and no lengthy “recovery period” afterward.
  2. It is More Effective than At-Home Treatments
    While there are many creams and other products on the market that claim to fade stretch marks, many people report less than satisfactory results. Nothing you can do at home is going to be as powerful and effective as laser stretch mark removal treatment.
  3. Treatments are quick and Easy
    Experiences will vary from person to person depending on the size of the treatment area. That being said, most sessions take just minutes to complete. And steps can be taken to ensure your comfort during the process.
  4. Results May Be Seen after a Series of Treatments
    Due to how deep in the dermis stretch marks form, you may need a series of treatments for visible results. Most people will begin to see improvements after their first few sessions. Since each session is quick and convenient, laser stretch mark removal should not be hard to incorporate into your life.

Before & After


During laser stretch mark treatment some patients experience a slight twanging sensation, similar to a small rubber band being flicked against the skin.

Apart from this, the treatment is painless, and the cooling chill tip on our laser equipment is normally all that is required to reduce any discomfort.

Laser treatments generally last for 30 minutes per session depending on the area that has to be treated. A visible improvement is usually being noticeable after each 30-minute treatment

Generally, 6 laser sessions are required to effectively reduce stretch marks to an acceptable appearance.

The full effect of laser stretch mark treatment will continue to appear over time as an improvement in skin texture caused by the laser stimulating the generation of new collagen deep in the dermis.

The majority of the stretch marks show significant improvement after just 2 sessions, but final results may not be apparent for a few months.

The treatment is non-invasive with virtually no recovery time necessary, you can resume your normal activities immediately after treatment although it is recommended that you avoid strenuous exercise for the first 24 hours after laser vein treatment.

There are no such side effects that are life-threatening. Some redness or skin lightening may appear, but this generally disappears within a few hours.

No serious side-effects or complications are noted post-treatment, however, some patients may get redness and inflammation over the treated area which is self-limiting and settles overnight.

Ice compresses may be applied to the treatment areas to speed up recovery and to make you more comfortable