About Us

American Aesthetic Medical Center, was formed through a synergy of medical experts and aesthetic practitioners, with a passion for skin health and cosmetic treatments

Director's Message

At American Aesthetic Medical Center we offer the most advanced and innovative techniques for both surgical and non-surgical treatments like Plastic Surgery, Hair Transplant, Laser & Skin care. Our experienced physicians and our staff provide state-of-the-art care in a comfortable, private setting you deserve to feel great about the way you look, and part of our mission is to help you achieve great result so that you can enjoy enhanced confidence and quality of life.

Dr. Sana Sajan

American Aesthetic Medical Center offers a highly advanced yet patient-friendly environment which is why our reputation precedes us among patients within the UAE, GCC, and beyond.

Advanced Technologies

New state-of-the-art care facility

Qualified & Quality Doctors

Excellent Support Staff

Multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness

procedures at
affordable costs

Our Vision

Going through the issues regarding their appearance, people now have lower self-esteem and increased insecurities, which greatly affect their lives. Due to that, people are less likely to have better lives as a result of the negative thoughts about their appearance.

 These individuals are striving for perfection, and providing them with that is what we do! Though there are subtle changes on their face and body, we put the ideal of perfection on them. It’s like an appropriate exchange to give them what they desire and what we value.

 With that in our mind, we chose not to let them live an unhealthy life and develop a good feeling about themselves. Our health professionals were determined to help them regain confidence through our passion for cosmetic treatments. 

 Therefore, the American Aesthetic Medical Center was built by medical professionals and aestheticians with a love for skin health and cosmetic procedures. Here, we aid patients with the assistance of our experts’ skills and knowledge.

Our Services Include

Plastic Surgery

We have certified doctors who provide quality services for cosmetic treatments and surgeries to improve the relationship between our patients and their significant facial improvements. American Aesthetics Medical Center has a wide variety of reconstructive and plastic surgeries for deformities and acquired abnormalities. To help people with that, our department has specialised in the fields so you can get these treatments from a highly qualified team of plastic surgeons.

Hair Transplant

Hair fall and other hair issues are commonly found in middle-aged people, and they can even develop at an early age due to several reasons. This is why it’s hard to determine the cause and the right treatment in these cases. In our medical centre, you’re in safe hands because you’ve acquired a team of great doctors to assist you in preventing hair fall and curing the damages with their great knowledge regarding hair problems. The complexity of these processes is handled without hesitation by our very own specialists, who take any little detail into consideration and give themselves fully satisfied results.

Detnal Care

Dental treatments require perfect results because of the connection between the skull and sensitive nerves. They are one of the most painful infections and issues that deeply affect the daily habits of anyone. Although it’s hard to find a dentist who is not only professional in their skill but also has an understanding demeanour, American Aesthetic Medical Center has an expert dentist with years of experience to meet your expectations.

Laser & Skin Care

Your delicate skin needs a highly skilled team of skin specialists. Trust them, and be safe in their hands. Our love for skin health has reached its peak, and we offer a diversity of skin care treatments that includes laser therapy as well. These treatments and consultations about your skin are done by professionals themselves, so you can discuss your problems and claim suggestions to become a better companion for your skin.

Dermatology/ Aesthetics

The department at American Aesthetic Medical Center is known for its innovation and compassionate values for patient care across all clinics. You get to experience our dermatologists’ techniques and medicines to diagnose many dermatological conditions where treatment almost seems impossible. We also provide an educational conversation about their skin and disorders, as well as the side effects of getting certain skin treatments that you would go for.