Skin Whitening Treatment


Skin whitening treatment is a process used for people who want to lighten certain areas of skin that are affected by such things as melasma, age spots or even freckles. From laser treatments to bleaching, there are different ways to lighten your skin.

Skin whitening treatment aims at reducing the excessive melanin content in your skin. Since the accumulation of melanin is responsible for your dark spots, uneven tone, etc. a reduction in it gives you a lighter complexion. A skin lightening treatment can help treat melasma, sun damage, freckles and other types of marks.





Local Anesthesia




Very High Success Rate

Treatment Options

Several treatment options are available for skin whitening. These options include the following:

  1. Topical Treatments:- Topical skin lightening or bleaching creams are the first options for improving the tone of dark and dull skin. Topical treatment is the least expensive and non-invasive option for improving the complexion of the skin. Some topical agents work for a minor improvement in the tone of the skin, but most of the topical creams are almost ineffective. The drawbacks of skin whitening treatment creams are that the effects last for a short period of time and they carry long-term side effects.
  2. Chemical Peels:- In this procedure, a solution containing alpha hydroxyl acids from natural extracts is applied to remove the damaged outer layer of the skin, which has accumulated melanin allowing the healthier lower layers to appear on the surface. On the basis of the concentration, chemical peels can be of three types – light, medium, or deep. A chemical peel is a gentle option to lighten discolored skin by effectively reducing facial blemishes, tan, dark spots and even out the skin tone. Chemical peels are mostly performed for a facial skin lightening procedure.
  3. Microdermabrasion:- It is another popular skin whitening treatment. A handheld instrument is utilized to spray tiny crystals on the surface of the skin which exfoliates the topmost layer of the skin. Exfoliated skin is removed with the help of a suction pump and is collected in a chamber afterward. Fresh, rejuvenated skin is revealed underneath. Multiple treatments of microdermabrasion are required in order to see significant results.
  4. Dermabrasion :- It works in the same manner as microdermabrasion does but is harsher and a bit more painful. This procedure involves the use of a wire brush to remove the damaged upper layers of skin, revealing healthy and lighter skin. It also requires multiple sessions.
  5. Fractional lasers :- are all the rage when it comes to skin whitening treatment. Fractional CO2 works on the principle of skin resurfacing to even out your skin tone and make your complexion look lighter and healthier. Shafts of carbon dioxide lasers bore microscopic holes in the outer layer of the skin. Crusts are formed and damaged skin is replaced by new and healthy skin. It boosts collagen production which plays a key role in making your skin appear younger and healthier.

Before & After


You should prepare for the procedure if you need the best results. Following are a few steps that you should follow:

  1. Smoking should be stopped.
  2. Avoid alcohol consumption or at least limit it.
  3. Avoid direct sun exposure.
  4. Inform your doctor if you are using any specific medications.
  5. Inform your doctor in case of having any allergies.

Post-procedure Care

Following are the key post-procedural care instructions you must follow after the Skin whitening treatment:

  1. Expect your skin to be slightly itchy after laser skin whitening treatment in Dubai.
  2. Use cold compresses to relieve discomfort and symptoms such as redness and swelling.
  3. Do not expose treated areas to direct sunlight for 2-3 months after every laser session.
  4. Do not pick or scratch at the scab, or you may end up with permanent scarring.
  5. Moisturize treated areas 3 times a day.
  6. Do not massage the treatment site for at least two weeks.


There are a plenty of advantages when one decides to go through any of the Skin whitening treatment options. Some of the benefits of Skin whitening treatment are

  1. It is a safe and non-invasive treatment.
  2. No anesthesia is required before treatment.
  3. It is an almost pain-free procedure.
  4. It is a simple and quick procedure that requires less than an hour.
  5. It is a customized treatment and can be tailored according to the requirements of the patient.
  6. It is suitable for all skin types.


Individuals with dark skin who want a lighter skin tone or those who want to correct an uneven skin tone created by age spots, melasma or other hyperpigmentation conditions.

As you age, the skin loses its ability to repair itself there is an accumulation of melanin in upper layers of skin and the damage caused over the years appear as darker skin tone.

Yes, skin lightening treatments such as the laser, chemical peels and lightening injections are considered safe as they aim to reduce the production of melanin in the skin. However, it is advisable to consult a certified dermatologist to know which skin lightening treatment option is best for you.

Skin lightening to get an even tone can be achieved in different ways, and skin peeling is one of those techniques.

It takes around 6 to 8 sessions for underarm lightening treatment.

Individuals who have a skin lightening procedure often experience an extended period of swelling and redness. Blistering, scarring and infections are also a possibility. The procedure may also make you more sensitive to the sun. It is important to understand and discuss all your treatment options and possible side effects with your doctor.

Over-the-counter products generally have very temporary results.