Avoid these mistakes while brushing your hair

Avoid these mistakes while brushing your hair

Bushing your hair seems to be really easy, but actually, it is not so. You may end up having a lot of hair concerns like split ends, frizzy locks, dandruff, and hair loss. There is something that you have to keep in mind so as to avoid making common mistakes while brushing your hair and it is super easy to remember:

Using the wrong type of brush

Although we use them every day we fail to attach importance due to them in our everyday life. You are not supposed to grab any brush that you feel like having, rather look for them like you shop for other styling products suiting your particular needs. Therefore, you can ensure minimal damage to your hair by just selecting the right type of brush for you.

Scalp to the tip of hair while brushing

Rather than brushing your hair from the scalp to tip, one must do them the other way around since the former method tug and pull any knots, causing tension and damage in the mid part of the tresses, increasing the possibility of frizz and brittle ends. So, start doing it from tip to scalp and finish the other way i.e. from scalp to tip.

Forgetting to brush your hair before a shower

Hair tends to break a lot while brushing after a shower since wet hair are most prone to damage during that time. One must detangle their hair before hopping into a shower so as to avoid the breakage if they had it without brushing them before. Plus, the washing process becomes easier as well.

Same brush for dry and wet hair

Always use different brushes for when your hair is dry and wet as you might have seen hairstylist following the same things for their customers because they know hair break a lot while they are wet. So, one should use a brush with flexible bristles after the shower.

Overdoing brushing

Don brush your hair too much as it lifts the cuticles of your hair and leads to its breakage. This thing can cause your hair to look dull. So brush when it is really required.


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