What can I do to whiten my teeth?

Maybe it is a goal of yours to get your pearly whites looking oh so pearly again, or you have seen how the celebrities have such white teeth and have wondered how they have gotten them so perfectly white. The answer is teeth whitening.

Here at the American Aesthetic Medical Center, we offer top of the line services in teeth whitening procedures. Our dental professionals are well versed on the latest technologies employed in teeth whitening and can restore that sheen back into your smile.


Why are my teeth becoming discolored?

As we age our teeth lose enamel causing the teeth to lose their natural appearance making chips and fractures more prevalent. With age, accumulation of plaque occurs which also causes discoloration.  The teeth attain a yellowish color from years of staining and from this degradation in the enamel layer.

Lifestyles also play a vital role in why our teeth may become more yellow and stained. Tobacco smoking is a major factor in why so many people’s teeth prematurely lose their healthy gloss. Chewing tobacco equally, if not more, influencing premature yellowing and staining.

Tooth damage can also lead to discoloration giving the tooth a grayish hue. Circulation from the central area of the tooth may be reduced leading to a decrease in the regenerative properties of the outermost layers.

Staining can also occur from drinking excessive amounts of strong coffee, teas or red wine that contain pigments that readily stain one’s teeth.

Not taking proper care of your pearly whites in the first place can be the cause of the problem in many cases. If you have any lifestyle-related risk factors and you don’t perform daily oral health measures like brushing or flossing, then you are at a much higher chance of developing discoloration of your teeth.


What is available for teeth whitening?

Many products are available out there in the market but evidence on their long-term efficacy is questionable. Over the counter whitening kits, whitening chewing gums, whitening toothpaste, gels, have found their way into large supermarket chains and pharmacies countrywide. Caution must be taken when using these alternatives and dentists urge that for effective whitening you should always seek medical expertise.

Professional bleaching, laser whitening also called chair-side power whitening is all but a few of some of the procedures our experts offer. Our experts, through years of experience, have learned to minimize the risk of any side effects that may occur after the treatment, for example, tooth sensitivity.

Our dental experts are always ready to offer professional help to those interested in whitening their teeth or for any other oral health-related issue. Contact us for appointment scheduling.