PROFHILO - What exactly does it entail?

Many individuals who are well versed with the cosmetology sphere are aware of the compound hyaluronic acid and its collagen stimulating effects. Profhilo®, a skin rejuvenating treatment, contains high concentrations of this compound, more so than alternative treatment options out there. With higher concentrations come more pronounced results. Wrinkles and skin that show signs of aging, i.e. loss of skin elasticity, show marked improvements after treatment with Profhilo®. Its proactive collagen-stimulating capabilities and elastin production improve skin appearance by filling out fine lines and hydration.

So, for those who are not aware of hyaluronic acid, here’s a brief explanation of what exactly it does.

Hyaluronic acid has made its way into the dermatology field by showing its proven ability to help in tissue regeneration. It plays a key role in skin wound repair. Dermal fillers now contain the compound and its hydrophilic characteristics are what make it useful in skin treatment as water is drawn into spaces where it is strategically injected causing improvement in facial wrinkling and loss of elasticity. The treatment lasts anywhere from 6-12 months.

How many sessions are required?

Profhilo® is injected subdermally and requires at least two sessions that are spaced a month apart. The injections are spread methodically so as to minimize the number of injections required. After the two treatment sessions are completed you can expect to see substantial changes in skin tone, elasticity, turgor and an improvement in wrinkles.

The treatment is usually reserved for facial rejuvenation but can also be used for areas like the hands, neck, and arms.

 Recovery and results.

Improvement of skin appearance can be noted several days after the treatment but for ultimate results to take effect, two months are required after the second session. Recovery is aided by avoidance of UV rays post-treatment and also avoidance of hot showers and saunas for a few days after.

Possible side effects.

As with most procedures comes a risk. Allergic reactions to hyaluronic acid are rare but worth mention as an individual body make up varies. Other minor side-effects are such as minor bruising at the site of injection or swelling.

Profhilo® is FDA approved and offers rejuvenating treatment options for those looking to improve wrinkles, fine lines, and skin turgor.