Keep your skin hydrated and looking fresh

Most people have seen the results excessive moisture loss can have on the skin. Dry, scaly, crack-filled, and flaky, are just some of the adjectives one can use to describe its appearance. Nobody wants their skin looking like they had just trekked through the desert heat with no water or looking like a fighter after trying to make weight.
Here are some tips that those with dry skin can utilize to get their skin looking radiant by giving it that lively, healthy glow and fullness back.

Drink water!

A simple and inexpensive way to help with dry skin is drinking plenty of water. When water is not abundant, the body gets it from intracellular space drawing it in from surrounding tissue causing a loss in the elasticity of the skin. The recommended amount is 8 glasses of water daily. Also, eating foods high in water content can get your skin back to normal. Examples of foods high in water content are such as watermelon, cucumbers, pineapples, coconuts, mangoes.

Using hydrating moisturizers

Shelves stacked with moisturizers can be found at your local supermarket. Which one to pick? For those with dry skin, it is more beneficial to choose one that has hydration boosting properties. These moisturizers contain active ingredients which help hydrate skin and allow for active ingredients to work their magic helping to combat dry skin.

Avoid hot showers, saunas or baths

Keep hot showers to a minimum as staying for too long in such hot conditions can cause excessive moisture loss and lead to dry skin. It is smart to keep showers short and with lukewarm water rather than taking long showers that not only put a dent in your water bill but also in your skin’s condition.

Don’t lick your lips

Although it may be tempting to lick one’s lips when they start feeling dry, this can actually cause their condition to become worse. Saliva contains compounds, such as salt, that draw out moisture. It is better for one to invest in a lip balm that is convenient to use and store on your person whenever the need may arise and your lips begin feeling dry or begin to crack.

Hydra-infusion therapy

Talk to your dermatologist on this effective way of rejuvenating your skin providing moisture, rehydrating it and leaving it looking fresher, fuller and restore its youthful glow. Compounds that help with skin regeneration are also infused simultaneously offering a higher degree of revitalization.