Ways to get the best out of your Botox Treatment

Fine lines and wrinkles that form on the face are often the most worrying signs of aging. It is the most visible one that doesn’t have an easy fix. A healthy lifestyle and good habits can delay these signs of aging but they are bound to happen at some stage.

Botox is an injectable treatment that works on removing and preventing fine lines and wrinkles. It is usually used in tandem with other procedures. Botox is the brand name of botulinum toxinA, a toxic substance that is extremely lethal. In medical use, the dosage is too small to cause any damage. If you are considering having Botox injections to smooth out those wrinkles it is a good idea to know exactly how to get the best results.

Here are 10 tips to help you.

  1. Book a consultation with a registered and an experienced surgeon. Explain to him/her your expectations and what are you trying to achieve during the consultation. Once ideas are in line with yours then only go ahead with the procedure.
  2. Do not hide any medication details that you are on, including herbal remedies or any kind of supplements as some of these might have blood-thinning effect and the doctor may require you to go off them some days before treatment to minimize any kind of side-effects.
  3. Follow the pre and post instructions given by the doctor in order to get the desired results. If the doctor tells you to avoid vigorous exercise for a certain length of time after having the injections, don’t go out and play tennis on the same day.
  4. The doctor will have certain instructions during the procedure as he may need you to smile or frown at certain points. This will also help him to get the injections into the correct place.
  5. Do not touch the treated area after the procedure as it can spread the Botox to other areas and spoil the effect at the injection site.
  6. Stay away from alcohol for a few days — it will act as a blood thinner.
  7. For the first few days after your BOTOX treatment, you can gently wash your face or apply lotions. You can use the same moisturizer and cleanser you always have, as they won’t harm your results. However, facials, microdermabrasion, or any other kind of skin treatments should be avoided for at least a week.
  8. You should also take the cold pack home and ice the area afterward. Icing constricts your blood vessels. This makes bruising much less likely after an initial Botox injection.
  9. During the consultation, the doctor will advise you of any serious complications that can arise after the treatment and if it does then one should immediately get in touch with the doctor.
  10. Lastly, do not try taking an injection at home and needs to be done in a clinic under the supervision of an expert to avoid any complications.