Ways to combat stress and help keep your hair, scalp and head healthy.

Ways to combat stress and help keep your hair, scalp and head healthy.

Stress is like a dragon with multiple heads that spits fire, and even more relentlessly if you choose not to fight back. Stress comes in many forms and can cause burn out and mental fatigue. Leaving many to take long breaks in their productivity. But what can one do to combat this dragon of stress before it overcomes us with its fiery wrath? Lucky for us there are multiple ways by which we can enhance our arsenal to fight off stress and even identify it before it rears its ugly head.

Hair loss although in many aspects related to our genetics can also be exacerbated by stress. Other causes of hair loss can be; deficiencies, medication, age etc.

So, what can be done to fight off stress?

Financial stability.

A huge concern and source of stress for people nowadays is related to their finances. Financial debt can be a huge burden on one psychologically leaving many to feel hopeless. Depression and anxiety are close to follow when stress increases in chronicity.

Classes on building a financial empire through multiple sources of income are available online. They cover budgeting, how to multiple income streams and handling of assets and money. They are many sources available out there at your fingertips just waiting for you to serendipitously fall onto them.

Budgeting can also help in controlling how much we spend, and that sense of control being key in lowering stress levels.



It is no secret that exercise can boost both your physical and mental health. The ‘feel-good substances’ released when we exercise can help improve our mood, focus and concentration offering us a new outlook and in many cases giving us a more positive drive to go and get what we are after.


Do not work when it’s time to rest.

A perfect balance of work and rest is essential in any professional field. Sleep is important as it’s a time when our mind and body rejuvenate and recover. Sleep deprivation can easily lead to higher stress levels and cause insomnia as a result, causing a vicious cycle. Get the rest you deserve and meditate or pray before sleeping to enhance more restful sleep.


Eat healthy.

Obesity is related to a barrage of health disorders. Cardiovascular disease being predominant in its relation to obesity. Try and eat a diet that is rich in foods packed with those essential vitamins and minerals. That means more greens and fruits rather than those foods that induce a sugar high.


If hair loss runs in your family then consider looking into procedures such as those available at our offices ranging from hair transplantation to hair restoration. To make an appointment please contact us using the information on our website or directly by visiting our offices.

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