Do you want to spruce up your smile before the holidays?

The holidays are upon us which means massive socializing, gathering and feasting. The latter is especially prominent for yours truly. What better time than to schedule a visit with our dental professionals. During the holiday period, appearances are prioritized as the calendar gets filled with multiple events.
A perfect smile can draw attention from across the room and people are naturally drawn to aesthetically pleasing smiles. So, for those wanting to get their smiles in tip-top condition, looking glossy and sheen, and more importantly themselves feeling like a million bucks as a result, our offices are always happy to assist. Our top of the line dental hygienists are available throughout the year and seasons, come rain, come sunshine, or come mild plaque or severe gum disease.

What can I do to improve my smile?
Dental whitening procedures are very popular among our clients and are offered by us. Depending on your budget and requests a number of procedures can be listed and consequently chosen from. Our in-office whitening procedure offers the best results and is carried out by fully-certified professionals using top of the line equipment and products in the dental field. Many whitening products are available out there however, results are not guaranteed and risk of complication are always present. With our in-office procedures, the risks are minimized and the outcome is improved.
Along with teeth whitening, tooth bonding is also on the list in terms of popularity. It offers clients a reliable way to cover up minor imperfections in your teeth. The minor imperfections being such as; cracks, chips, stains (basically minor inconsistencies). Minor being key here.

Veneers as an option.
For larger imperfections, a more suitable approach might be implanting veneers. These are protective prosthetic shells that fix to the outer layer of your tooth and provide a more aesthetically pleasing look and can also be used to fix tooth gaps. Veneers can be positioned so as to enhance the consistency in teeth depth and spacing, to give you that perfect smile.
For more information on the procedures, we provide contact us using the details provided on our website or using the platform for feedback under this article.
Enjoy the festive season and remember to always keep smiling.