Coronavirus and Its Impact on Surgeries

Coronavirus cases have increased worldwide over the last few days and also affected in the UAE. People have started taking extra precautions to protect as coronavirus concerns rise. This has caused strife and uncertainty for some of our patients, concerned that this could affect us as well as their surgeries. We at American Aesthetic Medical Center want to assure all our patients both current and future that we are operating as normal and all procedures will go ahead as scheduled.

The virus is worse than normal influenza but there is no need to panic and worry about its impact on your surgical procedures. The clinic and the hospital practice is strict as standard medical practice orders, only healthy patients will be operated on.

However, as a courtesy to us and because we do work in such close proximity to our patients, we do request that you inform us if you have traveled anywhere outside the UAE especially in the places which have been infected by the virus in the last two weeks.

For more information regarding the Coronavirus, a number of websites sites listed below may be useful.

UAE Ministry of Health & Prevention
Tips for the prevention of coronavirus – COVID19

World Health Organization
Advice for the public : 
Q&A on Coronavirus

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